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We have been established since 1970 based in the Southeast over 30 years serving local companies.

One of our first contracts was for ACS delivering computer parts all over the UK. This was a 24 hour operation with ten dedicated vehicles, this contract lasted for 28 years and only ended when ACS moved out the area.

Around the same time we started carrying goods for Envelopes a local; print company who we are still carrying for today, over 30 years. Business was expanding all the time and soon entered into general haulage, purchasing two 38 ton articulated vehicles and four 16 ton ridged vehicles.

We've had numerous contracts with local companies delivering goods both national and international.

We now specialise in light haulage, supplying local companies with experienced multi-drop drivers, driving our vehicles.

We are approved suppliers for biggest cargo freight players, also numerous small local companies. We also have a major contract covering Southwest London for custom freight parcels.

Aviation clients:

References can be obtained on request.


On the basis of current exchange rates, Yacht acquisition both in the UK and abroad can be an extremely attractive proposition. For clients wishing to view listed Yachts located  abroad, we are pleased to offer travel itinerary as applicable (normally one day) and normally provide a free courtesy car on arrival, together with welcoming Yacht Broker - all without obligation to purchase.

Where requested, we are pleased to provide a list of available qualified Yacht Surveyors to advise clients with regard to a proposed purchase. Where a Yacht is purchased, we will provide refund of airfare per written agreement.

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